Monday, 30 July 2012

Chickens coming and going

It’s a sad day around the coop today, my little black frizzle chicken Elvis passed away; she had been sick for a couple of weeks and nothing seemed to be working. My hubby & I actually had a conversation last night about how we thought she actually seemed to be on the mend. I can happily say she had a good life with us though, as chickens are very well looked after, some might even say spoiled.
While I am on the chicken band wagon I got another couple of chickens on the weekend, a couple of 18 month old Isa Brown ex working girls. They have very bare backsides and their beaks have been trimmed but they could be in a lot worse shape than they are. I have already had eggs from them and they are settling in nicely.
I did manage to get to the library to borrow the Save PowerKit, trying to source exactly where & how the cold weather is getting in is harder than I thought.

I spent the afternoon after work in the garden with my entourage (dog, cockatoo and chickens) and then had to put extra layers on when I came into the house. I resisted turning the gas heater on straight away but it is certainly on now, we are looking at -4 lows tomorrow and I am sure I will cop this when I leave for work at 5am, brrrrrr.

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  1. Sad news about your chicken. I don't have chickens but would love to keep them but how sad when they die