Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sustainable Table - What you can do?

Sustainable table? Is this possible in my life? How do people fit this all in when they work full time and then let me add in my current job I a jumble of shifts so I don’t have any set routine. I am going to try and work through the list from and see what I can do. A small change is still a change and may snowball.

1.       Change the way you shop – I work for one of the large supermarket chains they suggest you limit your shopping at. I am not sure how I feel about this. I also know my budget isn’t unlimited. It’s ironic also that now I have moved to the country in the town I live in I don’t have access to a farmers market or a green grocer. Stone fruit when in season will be in abundance here and until our own fruit trees start producing I will be making use of the pick your own fruit farms nearby.

2.       Instigate household meat free days – We are big fans of Fry’s Vegetarian Golden CrumbedSchnitzels and Sanitarium’s Not Burger. I am also happy to indulge in tofu but so far I haven’t been able to convince Kyle of the same. This is something I can make more of an effort with.

3.       Buy local, seasonal, certified organic produce – I have my head a bit in the sand with this one, I know the benefits to the well being of animals by buying free-range and organic meat products but in terms of other products like milk, pasta and even fruit and veggie, well I need to do some research into this.

4.       Reduce waste and buy a compost bin – We really try not to throw out food, it’s one of my pet peeves and I get annoyed with myself if I have bought food and don’t get around to eating it. We are getting a compost bin next week but that has more to do with trying to compost the dogs waste. We find any scraps are feed to our chickens.

5.       Ethical and sustainable meat and seafood – We don’t eat seafood and I try to buy free-range or organic chicken and pork. I have to admit to being less inclined with beef and lamb, something else I need to research.

6.       Eat whole foods, not processed foods – Hmmmm, I need to be more aware of this.

7.       Grow your own food – Literally working on this

8.       Avoid packaging – This is easier said than done, if we all really take a good look at all the packaging that goes into things we buy it is disgusting. I can certainly make more of an effort when possible.

9.       Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – I need to get myself a bit more organised with this, I am currently collecting glass bottles so I am prepared when I get around to making my own jam and laundry powder etc. I really need to find a neater way of storing these so I don’t get fed up with it all and toss them out.

10.   Ask questions – Knowledge is power and I am certainly going to continue to read more and get informed.

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