Monday, 20 August 2012

Oh foggy day

Another cold and foggy day here in Cootamundra but I couldn't help but love the way this this tree looked in the fog. It's things like this that make me appreciate living here and even despite my fingers freezing while I feed the chickens I feel like I am blessed.

Another thing I am loving in our yard at the moment is the flowers are starting the bloom, this is surely a sign that the weather is going to change soon. I am looking forward to complaining that it is too hot. I may need to be reminded of this in summer.

Despite lovely being referred to as the crazy chicken lady by my hubby he is also fully embracing the chickens and what they can offer. He spent the weekend sectioning off another part of the yard for the chickens to clear. Eventually the plan is to put the greenhouse and pizza oven in this area (which are on the to do when money, time & resources permit list). The chickens have been moved in for now to clean up the area, why do it yourself when the chickens will happily do it for you.

We sources some free 2nd hand bricks this week that we hope we can use on the pizza oven, we will need more and will be keeping an eye out for anymore on offer.

I am attempting to make my own yeast so I can make sourdough bread. I am keeping it simple and if this doesn't work then I will look at mixing things up a little more.

Fermented Bread Starter
Add to a glass jar;
50ml of water
50grams of flour

Each morning I remove half the contents and add another lot of the water & flour. I have it sitting on a shelf in my kitchen and I have chosen not to cover the jar, I want to let in as much wild yeast as possible.

I am up to day 3 and there are bubbles which is a good sign.  Fingers crossed this experiment works.

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