Saturday, 25 August 2012

Nothing else matters

So I have a confession to make, I may have a slight addiction to visiting the local charity shop. I have always had a love for older furniture and the idea of enjoying the furniture for what it is or the idea of giving things a bit of a paint job and making them something new again.

I bought an old desk, nothing fancy a couple of months ago and it has been hiding in the junk room. I am embarrassed to say I still have a room with boxes full of things in it that we are yet to unpack. Some of this has had to do with the need to find more furniture and my agreement to not just buy something for the sake of it (something I have done in the past) but waiting till I find something I love. For instance I am on the hunt for a china cabinet / hutch / bar to store my glassware etc. I don’t know exactly what I want but I am sure when I see it I will now. This means these items are still boxed up. I can’t see the point of unpacking them to have them lay around and possibly get broken.
Back to the desk, when I bought it I thought we would eventually turn the junk room to a study but I may just have changed my mind. We have moved the old desk in all its glory with its floral peach flower contact and chipped paint into the sunroom; here it sits in front of the window which has views of the backyard. I am sitting here at the desk as I write this and it just reminds me of how much more work we need to do but I have a sense that I am content. The view of the yard from here isn’t great; there are security screens on the window so there isn’t a completely uninterrupted view, the garbage and recycling bin are right in my line of sight and I can’t see through to the back fence as the original chicken pen has a metal fence, but despite all of this it is so nice just to sit here and see the sky, what garden I can and listen to the birds. The desk is also next to the back door so Sam the dog happily has been sitting here happy to be close by and Peppy the cockatoo can see me and have a chat with me.

So eventually the $10 desk will get re-painted and new handles put on the draw. Eventually the $5 chair will get painted and new fabric put on. Eventually the garden will have the arbour added and get some formality to it. But really none of this matters. Life is good.

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