Saturday, 29 September 2012

Clean and clear water

Hubby brews his own beer and cider and the water we get out of our tap although suitable to drink wasn’t providing the best results for his brews. This led to me buying water which I find ridiculous but there is also no point throwing out brew due to the water not being suitable. The solution was simple and I am only disappointed I didn’t think of it earlier. I bought a Brita On Tap Water Filter, hopefully this will solve the problem. We already use a Brita Water Filter Jug but the amount Kyle needs for his brews it isn’t practical to use the jug.

I started undercoating my $5 charity store chair today; I think it will need at least one more undercoat before I bring out the orange paint. Yes I said orange. I have always liked colour but have been too afraid to use it. The sunroom is going to be the room where I go a little crazier and play with colour.
We (yes me included) worked on a concrete slab for the new chicken coop. We were offered an old shed and so we are going to move the chickens and put them on a better floor base so it should be easier to clean out. At the moment the chickens live in a coop that was already here when we moved into the house and it is only on a dirt base, make its hard to remove all the chicken mess.
So have a few projects on the go at the moment but nothing yet to post completed photos or details about yet – watch this space.

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