Thursday, 13 September 2012

Orange Vinegar Cleaner

So after approx a month of my vinegar and orange zest (left over from my first OJ attempt) mixture infusing I got around to straining it and bottling it.

My hubby is one smart cookie, last night I mentioned I needed to further strain the liquid as it still had floating pices in it. Kyle remembered he had some coffee filters and sure enough this did the trick. Now I have a nice bottle of orange vinegar ready to use for cleaning. I need to get a spray bottle but this should be easy enough to find.

Orange Vinegar Cleaner Recipe

Orange peels

1. Fill a glass jar with orange zest/peel
2. Cover the peels with vinegar
3. Let the vinegar and orange peels sit for a few weeks
4. Take the vinegar out of the jar and pour it into a spray bottle, diluting half/half with water

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