Monday, 17 September 2012

Desk rejuvenation

So here and the before, during and after photos of my $10 desk from the local charity shop. Well worth the $10, the cost of the paint (we had in the shed), the new shinny handles (also laying around from a project long forgotten) and the time. I am proud to say I did most of the sanding and painting with a little help from hubby along the way.

I used a hot gun to quickly and effectively get the floral contact paper off the top of the desk. This left an even more dated top. The desk was then completely sanded, coated with ESP (Easy Surface Prep removes grease and wax and makes paint stick) we had this already in the shed also, painted and added the new handles. There was also some work done on the draw by hubby so it sat in place better. Hubby also drilled a hole into the back on the not so hidden draw under where the laptop sits so that the USB devises can be hidden away in this draw and the cords will only need to run through the back. I hope this will save on the cord jungle that I normally get myself into.
This is the kind of project I would normally leave to hubby to do for me but I am glad I got my hands dirty with this and will be getting involved more. The $5 chair has been sanded and coated with ESP. I am just not sure what colour I am going to paint it yet. It will depend on what fabric I find for this chair and the two other vintage chairs I have for the room. I only wish that I could sew.
As you may be able to see I still have the delightful forest carpet in the sunroom. Another thing on the list of things to do when money and time permits.

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