Thursday, 11 October 2012

Donated your unwated, unused & underuterlised

With the change of seasons it was time to clear out my wardrobe. I have tried to be more tougher with myself than I have in the past. If I haven't worn it this year or it doesn't fit than it is time to let it go - and why not let it go to the charity bin if it is still in good condition. It is such a waste to throw away clothes and furniture that can still be used so I urged everyone to do a spring clean and donate what you can.

I am still participating in Blogfest 2012 and have blogged everyday so far for the month. The content may be a little slim as I want to make sure I have something to blog about everyday. I have also been blogging some of the shorter posts on my phone so there won't be any novels written anytime soon, having said that I wonder if a short post is a good post.

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