Friday, 5 October 2012

Hydrogen Peroxide and Neti Pot

I have been getting more than average amount of ear and eye infections over the past year or so and this just goes along with the hayfever. I read yesterday about using Hydrogen Peroxide to help clean your ears and so last night with the help of hubby I gave it a go and it does appear to have cleared things up. It is something I will be using again. How to Unclog a Clogged Ear.

It got me thinking though what else I could use the Hydrogen Peroxide for and I cam across this article that you may find interesting. Ten Household Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide.

To help with the hayfever I used a Neti Pot and salty water. Really simple and easy to used and cheap. It helps to clear out any build up of pollens and dust. I tend to use mine while I'm in the shower. How To Use A Neti Pot.

If anyone else has any tips for using Hydrogen Peroxide or even keeping ear and eye infections or even hayfever at bay naturally then please share.

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