Sunday, 7 October 2012

Junee Farmers Market

Today I went to the Junee Farmers Market for the first time. It's doing things like this with Kyle that I am looking forward to doing now that I have my weekends back. The markets had a nice spread to offer, I am sad to admit but much more on show that our little Cootamundra markets.

We didn't buy much it was more to see what was on offer.

We bought some strawberry seedlings and a bag of Granny Smith apples from Batlow where they are grown. Both Kyle and I think they are the nicest apples we have eaten in a very long time. I have an apple pie baking as I write this, yummm!
Progress has been made on the new chicken coop, the old shed we will given as it was no longer wanted is standing up well. I was a very good frame today holding up the wall sheets while Kyle screwed them together. Work still need to happen on the doors but it will be nice to have a concrete floor that will be much easier to clean out. I am on the hunt for chicken nesting box designs at the moment that Kyle said he will make for me. Eventually we will add a chicken run and an enclosed outdoor area but it's not essential as they are free range chickens anyway.

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