Sunday, 21 October 2012

New chicken coop open for business.

The new chicken coop is up and ready for the chickens to go to bed in tonight. Yes, I often say I'm just putting the chickens to bed or Kyle can you please put the chickens to bed. The chickens have to be locked up at night to try and keep them safe from night predators. I assume this may be where the term "like a sitting duck" comes from, once it gets dark the chickens can't see very well and choose to pretty much stay in the one spot. This is why it is on the plan to build them an outdoor enclosure linked to the coop so I can stop stressing about needing to be home in time for the chickens to be locked in their coop or have to annoy our neighbour and ask him to lock them in and let them out the next day if we happen to be away.

The new nesting boxes crafted by dear Kyle are in full swing. In typical fashion for my girls though despite there being four nesting boxes to use the I had three of them trying to fit into one nesting box at first. I think they are getting the hang of it now.

New perch's have been made for them to sleep on, instead of it being stepped up we have gone with three level perches. Although it takes up more room the idea behind it is there should be no nastiness of deciding on new pecking orders as they will all be on the same level.

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  1. Love your new chicken coop. I would love chickens but it just hasn't happened day i'll have them